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Family Law

We have a multitude of experience in all aspects of Family Law. We seek to help you achieve the best outcome, at the lowest cost and as quickly as possible. Whilst litigation can be a lengthy process, we understand the impact these issues have on your life, and are here to help you through the process to make it the least stressful for you. We practice in private family law matters and are service providers for Legal Aid Queensland. Family Law areas we practice in are as follows:

  • Parenting Disputes – We understand that your children are the centre of your world. We are here to help you fight for the best interests of your children, to give them the happy life they deserve. We can help you through mediation and if your matter goes to Court we will guide you through from start to finish.
  • Divorce – Marriage breakdown is nor easy or nice. Let us help you, give you the advice you need to know about divorce, and make the process as quick as possible.
  • Property Settlement – Unfortunately when a relationship ends it often carries baggage. Let us help you get what you are entitled to in your property settlement. We are here to give you advice and we will not mislead you with unrealistic expectations. We strive for fair outcomes and try to resolve disputes as quickly as possible so that you can start moving on and rebuilding.

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Criminal & Traffic Law

We practice in both private and Legal Aid criminal matters, with the interest of justice for the individual being paramount. We can assist you with the following matters:

  • Drink Driving
  • Drug Driving
  • Loss of license and licence appeals
  • Other traffic matters
  • Arrests
  • Bail Applications
  • All drug related matters
  • Fraud
  • Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Juvenile Matters
  • Obscene Behaviour
  • Assault or Obstruct Police
  • Parole and Probation Breaches
  • Public Nuisance
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Offences / Assaults
  • Theft / Stealing
  • Weapons Offences
  • Wilful Damage.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a very serious issue. With statistics on the rise, we treat these matters very seriously. If you are in need of help, do not be afraid to ask. We keep everything confidential, and can provide you with independent advice. We will be with you from the beginning to the end with your matter. We can help you with:

  • Providing you with advice on your situation and the steps you need to take;
  • Making an Application for a protection order;
  • Making a cross-application;
  • Responding to an application being made against you;
  • Responding to a Police application.

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Are you buying or selling a business, land or a home? We can help you. With reasonable prices, experienced practitioners and attention to detail, whether it be a short or long settlement, we are here to help you every step of the way. We deal with the complications, making the process as easy and stress free for you as possible. If you require advice about your contract or need a better understanding of what you are signing, we are only a phone call away!

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Leasing is something that requires attention to detail. It is important to ensure everything is true and accurate to ensure your lease can be lodged smoothly. We pride ourselves on precision and timeliness to ensure your lease is ready and lodged for when the terms begin.

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Wills & Estates

If you have assets, making a Will helps ensure your interests are protected upon your passing, and provides for your Estate to be distributed as per your wishes. You have the liberty to dictate your Will, and the items you include are completely at your discretion. Once your Will has been made you either have the option to take the original with you for safe keeping or we can store it safely for you in our office. Should you choose the latter, your executors are able to come and see us upon your passing and we can provide them with the original Will.

Upon your passing, the Estate is distributed accordingly with your Will, however there are a number of steps that need to be taken and Court documents that need to be filed before this can occur. We can assist you with any Estate matter so that it is carried out in an efficient and timely manner.

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Civil Litigation

Have you got a dispute that you want to fight for? Let us help you. Whether it be a commercial or neighbourhood dispute, debt recovery or any minor civil dispute. We are able to assist you in mediation, civil litigation and settlements.

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